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Assorted Friandises Tea Cookies

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  • Thanksgiving Specials
  • lemon meringue tart
    Lemon Meringue Tart
  • Petit French Macarons
    French Macarons
  • ind. chocolate mousse egg
    Individual Chocolate Mousse Egg
  • bunny rolls
    Easter Rolls
  • easter-bunny
    Handmade Chocolate Bunnies
  • cake2
    Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • DSCN0638
    Holiday Sampler
  • DSCN0502
    Christmas Cookies
  • Holiday Treats
    Holiday Treats
  • DSCN0619
    Gingerbread Houses
  • Holiday Treat
    Holiday Tarts
  • DSCN0443
    Holiday Treats
  • specialty wedding cake flowers
    Special Wedding Cake
  • Specialty Wedding Cakes
    Special Wedding Cake
  • Specialty Wedding Cake
    Special Wedding Cake
  • Specialty Wedding Cake
    Special Wedding Cake
  • Specialty Wedding Cake
    Special Wedding Cake
  • Specialty Wedding Cake
    Special Wedding Cake
  • St. Honore
    St. Honore
  • Raspberry Mousse Cake Individual
    Raspberry Mousse
  • Chocolate Truffle
    Chocolate Truffle
  • Specialty Wedding Cake Individual
    Individual Wedding Cake
  • Almond Macaroon Cookie
    Almond Macaroon Cookie
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee
    Freshly Brewed Coffee
  • Tea Forte
    Tea Forte
  • Espresso
  • Black Forest Cake
    Black Forest
  • Lemon Mousse
    Lemon Mousse
  • Tiramisu Charlotte Cake
    Tiramisu Charlotte
  • Crème Brulee
    Crème Brulee
  • Dark Chocolate Mousse Individual
    Dark Chocolate Mousse
  • Raspberry Mousse Cake
    Raspberry Mousse
  • Lemon Meringue
    Lemon Meringue
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake
    Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • LavAzza cappuccino
    LavAzza cappuccino
  • Fresh Buttercrust Bread
    Fresh Buttercrust Bread
  • Almond Croissants
    Almond Croissants
  • Croissants - Buttery & flaky
  • Fresh Vanilla Bean Custard Danish
    Fresh Vanilla Bean Custard Danish
  • Donuts
  • Long Johns, Donuts
    Long Johns
  • Celebrating 20 years
  • iced-cookies
    Fondant Iced Easter Cookies
  • easter-cross-buns
    Hot Cross Buns
  • Milk, Dark or White Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • Easter Champagne Cake
  • Easter Strawberry Cake
  • easter hero small
    Easter Egg Cake
  • White Chocolate Christmas Fantasy
  • Chocolate Marjolaine Individual
    Chocolate Marjolaine
  • Caramel Feuilletine
    Caramel Feuilletine
  • Raspberry Mousse Cake
    Raspberry Mousse Cake
  • Key Lime Tartelette Individual
    Key Lime Tartelette
  • strawberry cheesecake
    Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Blueberry Muffin
    Blueberry Muffin
  • French Brioche
    French Brioche
  • Assorted Mini Pastries
    Assorted Mini Pastries
  • Specialty Wedding Cake
    Wedding Cakes
  • Assorted Cookies
    Assorted Friandises Tea Cookies
  • English Tea Bread
    English Tea Bread
  • Homemade Granola
    Homemade Granola
    Linzer Torte

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Celebrating 20 years

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